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Why committees are essential: 

Committees are the operating system of an association. Committees involve voluntary members in the development and delivery of services, represent member opinion in decision-making, and help serve member needs through interaction. They also offer the opportunity for group problem-solving and can be a forum for presenting multiple points of view. Committees are also the training ground for future leadership and an arena where emerging leaders can test and refine their skills and abilities. For these reasons, committee effectiveness is critical for ensuring the needs of the members are met and helping to keep the Association moving forward.

Tri-County Committees

Purpose: plans continuing education courses for the board.
Composition: Chair, plus up to 9 additional members

Membership and Community Engagement
Purpose: in keeping with TriCounty Alliance Of Realtors overall mission, our goal is to connect our members and affiliates, potential members, consumers, and community organizations by providing networking and social opportunities, as well as partnering with local service and community organizations on service and fundraising projects.
Composition: Up to three co-chairs, plus up to 10 additional members 

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
Purpose: to promote and engage with DEI initiative within the local community and to education members on DEI work and resources.
Composition: Chair, plus up to 10 additional members

Budget & Finance
Purpose: to develop an annual budget for approval by the Board of Directors; to review and report monthly financial information; to ensure CPA, tax filings and financial reporting.
Composition: The Chair shall be the seated president, the Treasurer, plus up to 3 additional members

Building & Maintenance
Purpose: to negotiate and ensure building upgrades and maintenance, with the financial approval of the Board of Directors or as authorized in the budget.
Composition: 2 members

RPAC Fundraising and Political
Purpose: raises PAC and issues advocacy funds; communicates political issues to membership.
Composition: Chair, plus up to 3 additional members

To inquire about joining one of these committees, please email the office!