Getting ready for “Old Man” Winter!

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With the cooler weather already upon us, Tiger Home and Building Inspections recommends we prepare certain items for the winter season that will be here before you know it!

Here are a few things to give consideration to:

Has your furnace been serviced for the coming heating season?

Has your chimney been checked, cleaned and deemed safe to build fires in it?

Are your gutters clean of leaves and debris so as to minimize the possibility of ice damming during the winter?

If you had ice dams last year, have you resolved the issues that created those ice dams?

Have you bought your roof rake yet?

Is the chimney and vent stack flashing in good condition?

Is my generator operating properly?

Is the grade around your house pitched away from the house, so the rain moves away from your foundation and basement?

These are conditions that attended to, will lessen the chances of major issues during the winter season. Should you require any of these services, please visit our website at click on “Contractor Network” for qualified specialists across the state.

By Brian Piers
Tiger Home Inspection
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